The 2016 Pulser 2 launched

Its very exciting to announce the launch of our new top tier model machine, the Vmax Pulser 2.  We made enough changes to the older Pulser machine to justify giving this machine a separate name!  The exterior structure remains mostly unchanged, but that’s basically where the similarity between the original Pulser and the new Pulser 2 ends.  The Pulser 2 have a new LCD-like screen display that is very crisp, sharp, and easy to read.  The internal components have all been replaced with Certified Continuous Duty (CCD) components., which basically means the machine can be operated non-stop without breaking down.  The rotary dials have additional features not seen in the original Pulser.  Last but not least, the 4th generation dual drive system has been toned to work humorously with the CCD components, providing a very responsive platform movement.  Take a look at the product page to get more details about this new product.  Our product launch promo price will end soon.