Pulser 2 Back In Stock

After multiple hurdles with Customs clearance, we finally got the new shipment.  Most of the orders got out today, and the remaining will go out Monday.  Thank you all for being so patient during this time.

Pulser 2 shipment delayed

Unfortunately, the original shipment date of Nov 16 will need to be pushed back.  Customs is inspecting our container of Pulser 2 machines. We expect and hope that the inspection would be complete soon so that we can ship out before end of month.

Pulser 2 Pre-Order for Nov 15 Shipping

We are pleased to announced that a new shipment of Pulser 2 is sailing toward our warehouse.  The shipment is due to arrive by Nov 13 and we will be able to ship the machines out by Nov 15.  Our website is now active for pre-ordering.  As a bonus, when ordering thru the Vmaxfitness.com site, you will get the Vmax Sync roller free.

Pulser 1 and Pulser 2 Sold Out

Due to overwhelming demand during the past months, we sold out the Pulser 1 and Pulser 2 machines.  We have a few open boxed machines available at a discounted price.  If interested, please contact us via email so further information.  There is not ETA for a new shipment of Pulser 1, but we do expect a new shipment of Pulser 2 to arrive by end of October, 2020.  In the mean time, we still have the Vmax Trio in stock.

Overwhelming demand for Pulser 2

Our initial shipment of Pulser 2 got sold out in just 2 weeks due to overwhelming demand for this machine.  Currently, we have the new Trio 2 in stock for immediate shipment, and a very limited supply of the Pulser 1 machine.

Warehouse Clearance Sale

We will have our warehouse clearance sale during the long weekend on May 21 to 23.  To make space for our 2016 models, all remaining 2015 inventory will be marked down dramatically.  Vmax Elite 5 and Elite 7 up to 70% off. Vmax Q5 and Q7 up to 80% off.  Limited remaining stock, contact us now to reserve a machine.

At last, we are refreshing the Vmax Trio….

Without spoiling the surprises, we have been busy putting the finishing touches on the new 2016 Vmax Trio 2.  New display, new handle bar system, with durable CCD components….  This new machine will be available for pre-sale near the end of March.  We expect our initial production run of 190 units to be ready for customer delivery by April 20th.

Q2, Q5 currently out of stock until mid April

Due to our recent promotion, we cleared the inventory of the portable machines, the Vmax Q2, and the Vmax Q5.  These machines are currently in production and should be ready by mid April.  You can pre-order now to guaranteed a machine.  If you need a portable machine, you can also consider our Wave Ultra Portable model that are still in stock and ready for immediate shipment.