History of Whole Body Vibration

The history of Whole Body Vibration training can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece, where it was used as a performance enhancing therapy. The therapy involved a primitive method of wrapping a saw in cotton padding and running the saw back and forth over the part of the body where they wanted to enhance performance and treat injuries.

By the 1880s and 90s, doctors used vibrating chairs, platforms and bars to treat both physical and mental issues. In modern times, the most notable usage of Whole Body Vibration began with the Russian space program, where cosmonauts were subjected to vibration sessions to prevent or overcome the loss of bone strength (and in turn, bone density) and muscle mass as a result of prolonged periods in Space. The Russians experimented with what is known as “biomechancial stimulation” in which vibration was applied directly to the muscles and tendons that were being treated.

Today’s application of Whole Body Vibration is applied to the entire muscular skeletal system through standing on a specialized vibration machine’s platform, leading to the development of Vibration Training.

Today, Vibration Training is one of the hottest health and fitness innovations. These more advanced, modern versions of this technology are being used by top medical facilities, universities, fitness trainers, elite training instructors and professional sports teams!