How Whole Body Vibration Enhances Muscular Improvement While Performing A Squatting Exercise Routine

A recent study was performed to find out just how much the exercise experience is enhanced by the use of whole body vibration machines when performing a squat exercise routine.

The randomized test looked at 14 men who were all recreationally active. Each was asked to go through two training sessions, each consisting of five sets of ten squats while using weights. Some were asked to perform the exercises on a vibration platform, while others did the exercises in the conventional manner.

While the exercises were being performed, electromyographic activity of the right vastus lateralix, the muscle that runs along the outer part of the thigh, was recorded. The results of the sessions were compared with the readings recorded on an isometric leg press used before the beginning of each session. Lactosis of the involved circulatory system was also taken into consideration.

Scientists found that the men using the whole body vibration machine while performing the squatting exercises showed a higher degree of muscular stimulation than the control group exercising as normal. Electromyographic activity increased significantly with the men enhancing their workout with the machine.

The conclusion was that use of the whole body vibration machine caused an increase in myoelectric activity during exercise, thus improving circulation and increasing the building of muscle mass to a greater extent than exercise alone.

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