About Us

Mission Statement

Vmax Fitness provides products and services that support the enhancement of your health and well-being through the use of Whole Body Vibration technology.

Quality You Can Trust

Vmax Fitness delivers the highest-quality and most technologically advanced fitness equipment and products that provide maximum benefit and value to our customers.
Vmax Fitness has been the premier supplier of Whole Body Vibration fitness equipment in Canada and the USA since its founding in 2000. Headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia (Canada), we produce a wide range of machines to meet your needs. We have machines that are designed for home users, professional athletes, medical clinics and commercial applications.

We ship our exclusive line of Whole Body Vibration systems directly from our distribution centers in Western and Eastern Canada direct to homes, fitness centers and facilities throughout Canada and the USA. Alternatively, you can also obtain our products through our licensed retail partners.

The Vmax Fitness team takes pride in providing customers with unrivaled care and service. People count on Vmax everyday for Whole Body Vibration technology products that are well-constructed, smartly designed, made of only the highest quality components – and ready to be delivered promptly to their homes or businesses. The Vmax Pulser 2 – our top-of-the-line machine – is the latest and finest example of our commitment to bringing cutting-edge technology to savvy consumers everywhere.

Vmax Fitness continues to innovate and advance Whole Body Vibration technologies to make them easier than ever for people to access for home use. As exemplified by the Vmax Pulser 2, they are more affordable than even less-advanced designs from others in the field, and yield superior results.