Here are what others are saying about their experience with Whole Body Vibration technology:

I have to tell you though that this machine is the first thing that has helped me at all with my left shoulder pain that started 7 years ago. I’ve tried every type of medical assistance from chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncture, orthopedic surgeons. I went through a cycle of different medications that don’t help at all. I found this machine by chance for a different type of procedure I wanted, and had to use it 10 different times and noticed how it helped my pain problem. As a 35-year old mom with two small children who also is the bread-winner in the family, I was so relieved to have found this machine. As of this summer, my pain started to become progressively worse during regular exercise where I was unable to even walk a mile without my shoulder feeling like it’s on fire. However, having this, I’m able to go on my walks for exercise, have the pain build up, and then come home and get on this machine for 10-minutes which minimizes or makes the pain go away.

I thought you all might like to know this.

Thanks for your help.

– Cynthia Berry, Ph.D. Organizational Development Consultant

Thank you for your prompt response. I would be happy to do a professional review at your convenience. I appreciate the discounted price and can assure you that I will continue to recommend the VMax vibrational exercise machines you sell because I have seen the remarkable results that my mother and boss have experienced since they began using the machine. My mother has bad knees and chronic low back pain and she now is walking again and able to do deep knee bends(her ankles are no longer have edema/swollen)! My boss has lost 10 pounds and her bad knees and chronic low back pain have improved significantly allowing her to do more exercise and activities since she started using the Vmax . These machines are the best thing to happen for people with chronic low back, knee, hip or ankle problems that limit mobility/ambulation to include Osteoarthritis and other degenerative processes that prevent them from walking, using treadmill, elliptical and other exercise machines and modalities.

– Patrick M., D.C.

Just wanted to express my total satisfaction to the service you provided and the performance of the product. I suffer from peripheral neuropathy {nerve damage) of the feet. Continuous numbness in the feet which flares up to tickling burning unbearable attacks. These attacks have occurred religiously 2 to 3 times a day over the past four years. This is day two of using your product (twice/day morning/evening) and have not experienced any flare ups, huge improvement in my quality of life.

Stay tuned, as I will give an update after using the product for a month, if things continue my Quality of Life will have radically changed compared to the last four years. At this point I’m leaning towards there are alternatives other then using high dosage of medication (In my case Lyrica).

– Bob