Overwhelming demand for Pulser 2

Our initial shipment of Pulser 2 got sold out in just 2 weeks due to overwhelming demand for this machine.  Currently, we have the new Trio 2 in stock for immediate shipment, and a very limited supply of the Pulser 1 machine.

Warehouse Clearance Sale

We will have our warehouse clearance sale during the long weekend on May 21 to 23.  To make space for our 2016 models, all remaining 2015 inventory will be marked down dramatically.  Vmax Elite 5 and Elite 7 up to 70% off. Vmax Q5 and Q7 up to 80% off.  Limited remaining stock, contact us now to reserve a machine.

Electromagnetic Field And Radio Frequency

Radio frequency is a part of nature. Different frequencies produce different types and lengths of electromagnetic, or EM, waves. Light rays, heat rays and radio waves are all part of naturally occurring radio frequencies. When we think of radio waves, we most likely consider communication devices, such as cell phones, walkie-talkies, televisions and radios. EM waves are also created when we use an electric motor, turn on the ignition in your car, when the gasoline engine is running, even when we use the computer. Other items that produce EM waves include medical equipment, lighting and various household appliances.

What is Electromagnetic Field, or EMF?

EMF, or electromagnetic field, is produced by electrically charged items that are in motion. It is a very real physical field that can affect objects within the radius of that field. Theorists, some of them anyway, believe that these electromagnetic fields, which do have low levels of radiation, can adversely affect the body, particularly the brain.

Wireless phones, as well as other select devices have been theorized to specifically target the brain causing a number of issues. These include headaches, particularly migraines, chronic fatigue, tinnitus (affects the ear), vertigo (affects balance), seizures, epilepsy, autism, and even brain tumors. Some also believe these waves can cause DNA mutations in the fetuses of pregnant women, causing birth defects. At present there is considerable controversy as to whether the waves are a true threat.

EMF Emitted From DC Motors

DC motors come in two types, brushed and brushless. The brushed motors are usually not as efficient, tend to wear out more quickly and need more frequent servicing. These are less expensive to make and therefore less expensive to buy. Brushless motors, or BLDC motors, are much more efficient. The BLDC motors produce more torque, both per weight and watt, and are more reliable as well as quieter. The lack of brushes also gives them a longer lifespan. BLDC motors also produce less electromagnetic interference, or EMI. If you have a sensitivity to these waves, a brushless or BLDC motor would be the way to go. Since these motors are more efficient all around, it is still a better choice for those not so afflicted.

EMF Emitted From AC Motors

AC motors also emit EMF waves, but in this case they are called back-EMF waves. Motors work like generators, only backwards. The back-EMF is not instantly generated when a motor is turned on. Rather, the EMF creates a magnetic flux, part of Lenz’ Law. This flux resists the changes created by the motor and tends to slow the motor down by reducing the available current. The EMF wave increases as the motor speeds up. If there is no load on the motor, the EMF can become just as powerful as the voltage input. These EMF waves, by slowing the motor down, decrease the efficiency of the motor, while at the same time requiring more power for that motor to operate, ultimately wasting energy.

How EMF Can Affect You

Basically, all devices that use electricity have the ability to create EMF waves. The difference is in how much EMF is produced. AC motors, as a whole, do tend to create more EMF waves. Even so, machines with AC motors emit just slightly more than those with a DC motor.

High-end Vmax Machines that have the AC motors do have very low EMF emissions. You may opt to go for one of these machines while purchasing an EMF meter to go along with it. That way you will know exactly how much of these waves you are being exposed to.

But, if you are very sensitive to EMF waves, you want to do all you can to avoid them. In this case choosing a DC motor, which does emit fewer waves, may be the best choice.

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Vibration Types Used by Different Machines

Vibration machines use various types of motions. The four major types of vibration are Pivotal or Oscillation, Lineal or Vertical, Tri-planner and the Sonic. All of these machine types have the same goal, to work your muscles more effectively than by traditional exercise by applying a stretch-reflex effect that causes your muscles to contract more rapidly. Another words, you get a much more effective workout during your exercise session.

If you are comparing whole body vibration machines of similar quality that use different types of vibratory motion, you will see that they are pretty much created equal. Each person is likely to have a preference for one type of vibration over another. The choice of vibration type should also correspond with your fitness goals and your level of fitness. Going out and spending $20,000 on a machine doesn’t guarantee that it will work better than one that costs one-tenth of that amount.

When you go out to look for your whole body vibration machine, you should already be familiar with how these machines work. Learn the terminology so you can compare the machines correctly, allowing you to ultimately find the machine that is best for you. The more you know, the easier it is to notice inconsistencies in the labeling on machine specifications.

Unfortunately some companies have been less than honest in posting specs that make their machines appear better than a competitor’s model. Studying the following items will help you in your search for your perfect machine.

What is Vibration Frequency?

When used in the world of whole body vibration machines, frequency is defined as the number of rotations a platform makes per second. The posted frequency usually refers to the maximum potential of the frequency possible in a particular machine, if there is no friction or load on that machine. A person using the machine causes friction, since the human body adds weight, or load. So, that number is somewhat fictional. In reality the operating frequency is slightly lower than that posted number. This is not usually an issue unless the motor on the machine is inadequate.

On Pivotal/Oscillation whole body machines, a cycle of movement is defined as the platform making one side to side motion and then returning to the start position. A Lineal, Vertical or Sonic machine’s cycle of movement is when the platform makes one up then own movement and returns to the start. Tri-planar machines are a bit different. Their platforms make one multi-directional movement and then return to start.

On all the whole body vibration machines, the higher the vibration frequency, the faster that machine will vibrate every second. Compare a 3Hz machine, which vibrates three times each second, to a machine rated 50Hz, where each second gives you 50 vibrations.

All About Amplitude

Amplitude is defined as how strong the vibration is on a whole body vibration machine. It measures the highest point a platform travels from the starting point. A few manufacturers list their machines as having considerable frequency range, but do not disclose that the amplitude on those machines is rather low. An effective whole body vibration machine must have the best of both worlds, a wide range of frequency and high amplitude.

It is possible to adjust the frequency on oscillation vibration machines, but not amplitude because of the hardware design. But you can do so by standing on the platform. The center of the platform is the fulcrum. Move your feet farther from the fulcrum and the amplitude increases, move toward the center and it has the opposite effect. The higher the machine’s amplitude, the stronger the vibration. Machines that work this way include T-Zone, Hypervibe, Tectonic, and Vmax.

Looking at other types of machines, whether they are vertical, lineal or tri-planer, there are some models that allow a manual setting of the amplitude before the machine is turned on. Once the machine is in motion, only the frequency may be adjusted. If you decide the amplitude isn’t right, you must turn the machine off, adjust and then start again. This is also attributed to the machine’s design.

When amplitude is adjusted, the motor must be off. There is a gear box attached to the motor’s axle that plays a part in either high or low centrifugal adjustment. As an example, if you choose a high amplitude setting, the offset metal is thrown farther from the motor, creating increased movement, or amplitude. It is this movement that the user feels. Machines that work in this fashion include 3G Cardio, VibaPro, Vmax and Power Plate.

Sonic machines work differently. Most of them are high-end models, allowing adjustments to both frequency and amplitude while the machine is in use. This gives you the most control over the machine’s performance and a greater flexibility of use. These types of machines include the Sonix and the TurboSonic.

Consider Gravitational Load, or G-Force

You may have heard about G-Force being something that high-speed pilots worry about. It also applies to whole body vibration machines. This is the force that causes your muscles to relax and then contract while using one of these machines.

An elevator serves as a good analogy for how this works. If an elevator moves rapidly downward, your body starts to relax, as if you are floating. Then if it suddenly stops, reverses and increases speed, those same muscles will contract as you use your legs to remain upright. What you are fighting is gravity, the Earth’s force that keeps us from floating out into space. In a way, the machine keeps you contracting and relaxing your muscles in order to literally “fight gravity.”

Going back to the elevator scenario, if that switch from freefall to rapid upward acceleration happened at some 15 or 30 times each second, that means your muscles would have to continually contract and relax to keep up. Doing squats on a vibration machine has the same effect. You are moving your body, but at the same time the machine is moving up and down, creating a G-Force, or force of gravity of between 3 and 17. That means you must work all the harder to stay balanced, and why these machines are so effective.

This is why it is so important to tune your machine to the correct amplitude and frequency. If done correctly, the machine will create the proper G-force for your body’s workout. As an example, a vibration machine with amplitude of 0.5 mm, which is really low and a frequency of 100 HZ, you will not get optimal results. Your body just can’t contract and relax 100 times each second. The amplitude creates insufficient movement, therefore not creating a useful G-Force. Always consider both amplitude and frequency when shopping for a whole body vibration machine.

The Life of Your Machine

Whole body vibration machines become less effective over time. It may start requiring more power to operate the motor. If you have one of the less expensive machines that used 10 amps to operate when new may end up using 15 amps to do so after five or six years of use. Less expensive machines tend to use less expensive parts. If you purchase a higher end machine from a trusted dealer, that machine will last longer and run more efficiently, even if you use that machine on a regular basis.

Motor Friction

Vibration machine motors can either have a high or low friction design. Low friction models suffer less wear and tear than the high friction models. Either way, after a period of use it is normal for the motor to be a bit noisier. This isn’t usually an issue unless the motor has a severe knock. Buying a Sonic machine is one way to get around this problem. There is no motor.

Absorbing Vibration

The vibration created by the machine is absorbed by you, and/or goes into the ground. High end machines allow you to adjust the feet, thus leveling the machine and preventing the machine from shaking the floor. Models without this feature are a problem, especially if the machine is in use in a upstairs location. It can be quite noisy. Extreme vibrations can even cause the machine to appear like it is walking across the floor. The best solution is putting the machine on a hard surface and making sure the feet all touch that surface. If you have carpeting, which works sometimes depending on the type of carpet, you might consider putting the machine on a wooden platform.

If you need some help finding the perfect machine we would be happy to help. Just fill out our short questionnaire or give us a call at our toll free number 1-800-910-8629.

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The Importance of Studying the Frame and Body

Selecting a whole body vibration machine with a sturdy frame and body is important. Go beyond the machine’s appearance, the frame’s endurance or even the innate odor of the plastic used. You can access only some of these concerns by just looking at the machine. To get a real idea of whether a machine is suited for your body type and workout plan means actually stepping onto the plate and seeing how it feels.

Consider it the same as taking a car out for a test drive. Would you really buy that car without seeing how it handles the road? Just as cars come in different quality levels, the same is true for whole body vibration machines. Some of them are poorly designed, tending to wear out quickly. Those models that come without those adjustable feet, for example, can even shake up your entire house. A test drive is definitely in order.

What Whole Body Vibration Machine is Right for You?

For your test drive, consider a machine that has a frame that can comfortably support your weight and that of any additional weight devices you plan to use on your workouts, such as toner bars or dumb bells. When you stand on the whole body vibration machine it should feel solid, sturdy, almost as if it is part of your floor. If you have a constant fear of falling off, that will inhibit the machine’s effectiveness.

When using the machine, the plate should be the only thing moving. The base should remain steady. Make sure the plate is large enough for you to be comfortable working out on. If it is too small, you will not be able to vary your workout positions comfortably, therefore diminishing the effects of your workout.

Consider the Construction of Whole Body Vibration Machines

The internal parts of the machine, including the frame and motor, are usually covered with plastic to make them more eye-appealing. Whole body vibration machines made of tin or inferior plastics tend to be more fragile and wear out more quickly. Choose a model with high quality ABS plastic, which is sturdier than the conventional plastics available,= and that tend to develop cracks with age.

Take a look at the frame and find out what type of alloy or steel is used. If that frame is painted, make sure the quality of that paint matches that on your car and is free of chips and dings, suggested inferiority. A paint chip an also be a invitation to rust, particularly if you live in a part of the world that has a humid climate. Rust can eat away at the underlying metal, compromising the strength of that metal. Don’t forget that a good workout causes you to sweat, another form of moisture that can attract rust.

A good frame on a whole body vibration machine provides transfer of energy from the motor to the plate without some of that energy being transferred to the frame. Energy going to the frame causes the machine itself to vibrate, which is wasted energy as well as an annoyance to the user. A good machine carries a plate that can handle the motor’s energy at full power without rattling your floor, or your teeth. Inferior machines can literally walk across the floor when turned on, not exactly installing confidence in the user.

Do You Prefer Handles, or Not?

Handles on a whole body vibration machine do come in handy, particularly for those with weak knees or who are recovering from injury or a recent surgery. They provide a sense of security and balance for those using the machine for rehabilitation as well as exercise. You don’t have to buy the largest machine out there to get a pole and handlebar combination, recommended for rehab use.

On the other hand, if you have excellent balance and normally perform exercises, particularly squats, without holding on to any device, you can opt for a machine without handles. Machines without handles do offer a greater freedom of movement because there is no obstruction on the front end. Move how and where you want on the plate to complete your routine. Whole body vibration machines without handles do tend to be more compact, requiring a smaller storage space.

If you aren’t sure which model will work best for you, with our without handlebars, give us a call or fill out our online form so we can get in touch and help you find your perfect whole body vibration machine.

Handles on a whole body vibration machine do come in handy, particularly for those with weak knees or who are recovering from injury or a recent surgery. They provide a sense of security and balance for those using the machine for rehabilitation as well as exercise. You don’t have to buy the largest machine out there to get a pole and handlebar combination, recommended for rehab use.

On the other hand, if you have excellent balance and normally perform exercises, particularly squats, without holding on to any device, you can opt for a machine without handles. Machines without handles do offer a greater freedom of movement because there is no obstruction on the front end. Move how and where you want on the plate to complete your routine. Whole body vibration machines without handles do tend to be more compact, requiring a smaller storage space.

If you aren’t sure which model will work best for you, with our without handlebars, give us a call or fill out our online form so we can get in touch and help you find your perfect whole body vibration machine.

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How Horsepower Affects The Efficiency Of Your Machine

You’ve read information packets on a number of whole body vibration machines and you find that the companies are putting plenty of emphasis on the available horsepower in each particular unit.  What exactly is the difference between a machine sporting 1, 1.5 or 2 Horsepower, and why is it important?

The Meaning of Horsepower

The word “horsepower” does loosely relate to the four-footed creatures that provided man with transportation long before the motor-car was invented. If one horse was placed on a treadmill, a very big treadmill, that horse would generate 746 watts of power as long as it kept moving.

Of course today we substitute gas or electricity for that horse in order to generate power. But the ratio of effort to power remains the same. As an example, if you had a whole body vibration machine that was rated 2 HP, you would be generating 1492 watts of power when in operation. That’s the same as two horses on that treadmill.

This is of course assuming none of that power was lost in creating or transporting that energy. Drive trains are intended to transfer power from the motor to the vibration plate. During the process, some of the generated power is lost through friction, heat and in some cases when an inefficient motor is used. It is possible to build one with near-zero loss, but it would be very expensive. An alternative to getting around those inefficiencies, where a 2 HP motor would only product 1,000 watts of usable energy, is by gear reduction.

Horsepower – Gearing and Torque

This brings into play the following formula:

Horsepower = (Torque * RPM) /5252

Gearing plays a role in increasing acceleration. Depending on the set up, gears can multiply the amount of available energy produced by a motor to any desired level.  If you increase the gear ratio, you increase the torque. As an example, if you have a motor that puts out 1,000 W, by increasing the gear ratio, the torque will produce more power without upgrading to a more powerful motor. It takes quite a bit of study to understand how gearing works, so your best bet is to ask the horsepower ratings on the various whole body vibration machines you are considering. Look at both maximum HP ratings and the real HP in figuring out exactly how much power a motor will generate.  If a firm won’t discuss the real HP, you might want to reconsider your choice.

Whole Body Vibration Machines – Motor or No Motor

You do have a choice when selecting a whole body vibration machine. Models are available with motors, either using AC or DC current, or without, using Sonic vibration technology. Both types have their pluses and minuses. The main differences are the way each energy type affects amplitude and frequency. If you are looking at a motor with a high horsepower rating, take into consideration that that motor will only work well if it doesn’t create a high amount of friction. The whole body vibration machine it is attached to must also be able to put out the correct amount of G-force.

Difference Between Whole Body Vibration Machines Using Single and Dual Motors

Whole vibration machines usually have a single type of vibration, while those with two motors tend to have two. When looking for your ideal machine, choose one that has enough power to be effective when all the factors are taken into account. Some items that must be considered are your weight and that of any additional exercise weights you plan on using on the machine. If the combined weight of the user and additional weights is too heavy for the motor, the machine will slow down and will not be effective. Choosing a machine with the correct power ratings insures you will get the maximum satisfaction from your whole body vibration machine.

Machine Vibration Noise

Noisy whole body vibration machines, particularly when used in a small space, can be irritating. Items that produce noise include mechanical movements that are excessive or a plate or motor that vibrates more than the norm. There are some items you should consider that will make a machine more user-friendly.

Look for a whole body vibration machine with a heavy gauge frame. If you are going with a motorized model, consider a brushless DC motor. Both of these items help to reduce noise. The size of the motor should also be considered. A small motor has to work harder and spin faster than a larger model putting out the same amount of energy. Having a motor that is well set and surrounded by noise absorbing padding also helps. In either case the heavier frame will absorb more of the vibrations, reducing the noise. Buying a whole body vibration machine with an efficient motor combined with the strongest frame available is your best bet for a pleasant exercise session.

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How Do Vibration Machines Work?

Vibration machines are used to create muscle contractions and the accelerated stretch-reflex reaction that helps to tone muscles. This vibration exercises the muscles more rapidly than using conventional exercise methods. Different machines have different types of vibrations. The most commonly seen are the Sonic, Tri-planar, Lineal/Vertical and the Pivotal/Oscillation.

By comparing one machine to another you soon find that one type of vibration is not necessarily better than another. That’s because no two people are alike and each requires a certain type of vibration to see any effect. Combine that with differing fitness levels and individual fitness goals and the spectrum of what is and is not effective widens. Just because you spend ten times as much on a machine than someone else doesn’t mean you will see a corresponding level of effect.

Explaining Vibration Frequency

Vibration frequency, also known as HZ, refers to the number of cycles a whole body vibration machine’s platform completes in one second. This is normally referring to the maximum number of cycles, or the maximum frequency that machine is capable of when there is no friction or weight placed on the device. If someone is using the machine, the operating frequency will be lower simply because of that added weight. As long as the device has a decent motor the decrease in the number of cycles is negligible and nothing for the user to worry about.

If you are using a Pivotal/Oscillation machine, one cycle on the platform means one full teeter-totter motion and subsequent return to the basic starting position. In a Lineal/Vertical machine, a complete cycle is one vertical movement and return to the starting position. A Tri-planar machine offers a cycle that moves in several directions before returning to the starting position.

HZ is a measure of frequency. The higher the HZ the faster that particular machine cycles, or vibrates each second. As an example, a machine with a rating of 3 HZ vibrates three times each second, while one with a rating of 50 HZ cycles will vibrate 50 times each second.

Amplitude – Vibration Strength

We’ve discussed frequency, or the rate of vibrations or cycles per second. Now we will look at amplitude, which is a measure of how strong each of those vibrations is as well as how high each cycle causes the platform to move from its static resting place. A few manufacturers credit their machines with a large frequency range but don’t advertize the fact that those same machines have a rather low amplitude. An effective machine must offer sufficient amplitude and frequency.

If you are considering an oscillation machine, keep in mind that you can adjust these models for frequency, but not amplitude, simply because of the design. To change amplitude, you must change the position of your feet on the platform, adjusting your weight. The center of the platform is called the fulcrum. As you move your feet away from the fulcrum, the amplitude and vibration increase. Machines that fall into this category include Vmax, Tectonic, Hypervibe and T-Zone.

Machines of triplanar, lineal and vertical design do allow the user to adjust the amplitude before operating the machine. Once the machine is in use you can adjust the frequency, but not the amplitude. If you aren’t comfortable with the amplitude setting, you must stop the machine, make the adjustment and then do a restart.

This rather inconvenient system is also due to the way the machines are designed. The motor must be stopped when setting the amplitude. This allows the gear box, attached to the axle on the motor, to adjust to a higher or lower centrifugal spin in relation to the offset metal. If the setting is on high, the motor pushes the offset metal farther away. This additional space allows for a stronger, more user-noticeable amplitude. Machines that operate in this fashion include the 3G Cardio, VibaPro, Vmax and Power Plate.

Sonic machines work a bit differently, and are higher end models. The frequency and amplitude may be adjusted while the machine is working, giving the user more control. It is possible to make more accurate adjustment because the user feels the adjustments while they are being made. Machines in the precision, high end sonic category include the Sonix and the TurboSonix.

Defining Gravitational Load or G-Force

You may have heard about G-Forces when watching films about fighter planes and space travel. As a pilot increases the plane’s speed, his body adjusts to the G-Forces which increase along with that plane speed.

In a Whole Body Vibration machine, the G-Force, also known as the gravitational load is one of the most important factors in the effectiveness of that machine. When you are using the machine, it is the G-Force that causes your muscles to contract and then relax.

Consider the example of an elevator that suddenly free-falls. You might feel as though you are floating, equivalent to your muscles being relaxed on the machine. The elevator brake catches and the car suddenly stops and then heads back up at an increased speed. In order to keep your balance, you’d have to push down on the elevator floor. This is the same as when your muscles contract while using the machine. Your body is responding to the Earth’s gravitational pull, both on the ascent and the descent. The vibration machine mimics this subconscious muscular action, giving your body a workout without you even knowing it.

Consider repeating this elevator free-fall and reversal scenario multiple times per second. Each time the vibration machine duplicates this reactive motion against gravity, your muscles respond, perhaps 15 to 30 times each second. Not only that, the machine also produces an additional gravitational force perhaps up to 17 times higher than the norm, making your muscles work even harder to keep your balance.

This subconscious muscular action is the secret to the vibration machine’s success. If the amplitude and frequency settings are properly tuned, then this G-Force will be created, allowing your body’s muscles to automatically make adjustments. For example, if you were using a machine with a 0.5mm amplitude, which is really a low setting, and a frequency of 100 HZ, you will not see much effect. First, a body’s muscles cannot contract and then relax 100 times each second. Second, the vertical motion, or amplitude is so subtle that not enough G-Force is created for your muscles to correctly respond. When adjusting machines you must have a good balance of amplitude and frequency to create enough G-Force for a successful workout.

Machine Wear and Tear

As a whole body vibration machine ages, the vibration and frequency motions become less efficient. You may notice that you are using more electricity to operate the machine, chiefly to drive the motor. Machines of lesser quality do wear out more quickly. As an example, a machine using substandard parts might need 10 amps to work properly when new, but after a few years use may require 15 amps to function. Buying a well made machine from a reputable dealer/manufacturer will give you more worry-free continuous use. Life expectancy for quality whole body vibration machines can be five years or more.

Motor Friction

The motor is the heart of the whole body vibration machine. Unless your machine has a low friction motor it is typical for the machine to get a bit noisier after being used for a considerable period. This is normal, due to the wear and tear of the mechanical parts. Don’t worry about the noise unless it gets excessively loud. You can eliminate this problem by choosing a sonic vibration model, which has no motor.

Absorbing Vibration

The vibration created by the machine is absorbed by the user or into the ground. This is called vibration absorption. Quality machines offer adjustable feet, allowing you to level out the machine so that the floor doesn’t shake. If you are in an upstairs apartment, avoid buying a machine without these types of feet or you will have an unhappy downstairs neighbor. Be sure and set your machine on a floor that is flat and hard. Avoid carpets if possible because some types keep the machine from operating properly. Sometimes the machines won’t shake at all and at others the machines just shake uncontrollably. If you must put your machine in a carpeted room, try putting it on a piece of wood, making sure the machine’s feet are all in contact with the wood, providing a stable base.

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Health Benefits Of Our Product

Whole body vibration offers a number of health benefits. There are really too many to go into in great detail, but we will explore three of the most common benefits of prime interest to users of Detox vibration machines. Vibration training helps your body detox, helps with lymphatic drainage and helps with weight loss and toning muscles.

The Benefit of Body Detoxification

Detoxification of the entire body is one way to increase your energy, improve your skin tone and complexion and alleviate those nagging aches and pains. It also helps your digestive system to function normally and helps you to develop healthier habits. Basically, body detoxification keeps you healthy on the inside and the outside.

This is not a new theory. Body detoxification has been around for centuries. The ancient Chinese were well aware of its benefits and made it part of their medical treatments. Detoxification does exactly what the name implies, rids the body of toxins and replacing those toxins with healthy nutrients. The entire process rests, cleans and nourishes your body, beneficial for protecting you from diseases and keeping in prime health.

Detoxification works by cleansing the blood. This is accomplished primarily in the liver, the organ most responsible for eliminating impurities from your body. But it doesn’t stop there. Further cleansing is done in the kidneys, the intestines, the lungs, lymphatic system and the skin.

Normally, in a healthy body, this is all done naturally. But the introduction of foreign, toxic substances like alcohol or tobacco keeps the body from optimal performance. Cells are not thoroughly cleansed, impurities not properly filtered out. Eventually those toxins left behind start taking a toll on the entire body. Reducing the intake of external toxins, such as cigarettes and alcohol is the first step in increasing the efficiency of the lymphatic system, thus the cleansing of the body. Getting a vibration machine and not adjusting your diet, if needed, will not give you the optimum effect of that machine.

Exercise is also important because it produces sweat, another way that the body gets rid of toxins. A great deal of sweat is water, but that is combined with salt, acid, urea and other toxins. The more you exercise, the more the body flushes out toxins. Your fluid intake must compensate for the water loss to keep the sweating and flushing system going. The percentage of water to toxins eliminated in sweat depends on the individual. Exercise and the elimination of toxins also reduces your craving for unhealthy types of foods.

In order to effectively detoxify your body, the vibration machine must be used properly. The settings for frequency and amplitude must be correctly tuned for your individual body. This effectively allows your body to heat up and produce sweat so that your muscles cool down.  It is also important to select the right machine. Each model operates at different ranges. If you don’t have a vibration machine you can set properly, you will not be able to warm your body enough to induce sweating, thus defeating the purpose. Call us and we’ll help you find your Detox vibration machine.

Importance of Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system works throughout your body collecting toxins and moving them to the proper organs for elimination. It is an extensive network of ducts and vessels that routes fluid through your system, using that fluid to clean toxins from the cells while at the same time delivering materials to fight germs to infected cells. If we improve the lymphatic system’s function, we find the body’s fluids will be balanced throughout all tissues. This will improve the distribution of fatty acids and increase immunity towards bacteria, viruses and disease.

The lymphatic system does not have a pumping mechanism, like the blood vessels have the heart. The fluid moves through the system of its own accord, triggered by muscle and tissue stimulation. Using a Detox vibration machine increases the efficiency of that system because it encourages lymph drainage by increasing the movements of both smooth and skeletal muscles. This increases the lymphatic flow, as well as improving blood circulation. The latter helps to drive more oxygen and nutrients into the body’s cells. The vibration machine is especially effective in reaching areas of the circulatory system that function poorly due to disease or injury.

In order for proper lymphatic drainage to occur, the Detox vibration machine must be properly set to your specific frequency to create the G-force, which causes the drainage. The machine must be set to between 8-12Hz to be effective. If it is set higher, then you will be toning your muscles but not affecting the lymphatic system. The same is true for lower settings, which will increase your circulation, thus the oxygenation of your blood cells, but not help the lymphatic system.

Other methods of stimulating the lymphatic system are not as convenient or accessible. Proper use of the Detox vibration machine for just ten minutes per day increases both lymphatic function and blood circulation without seeing a drainage therapist or wearing a full body lymphatic massage outfit. The machine bolsters your immune system, making you less susceptible to infections, including colds and pollen borne allergies.

The Detox Vibration Machine Helps Weight Loss and Muscle Tone

The Detox vibration machine can help you lose weight, but other factors must be considered in order to be successful. It’s not just a matter of going out and getting the machine, hopping on and expecting the pounds to melt away. Increasing exercise and following a healthy diet are essential, and also increase the benefits of using the machine.

Consider this; someone weighing 300 pounds may loose 30 pounds quite easily by using the machine and following a diet and exercise routine. Another person weighing 150 pounds may loose five pounds during that same time period. That is not to say the latter party isn’t working just as hard, they just had less fat to lose in the first place. That 150 pound person may actually gain weight by building muscle mass, which weighs more than fat.

Losing weight on a Detox vibration machine is very possible; as long as you stick to a routine, follow a proper diet and exercise. Using the machine for a couple of days and then skipping for a few just won’t work. Since the Detox vibration machine also removes toxins from your body that cause bloating that also helps in your weight loss by decreasing fluid retention.

Again, for weight loss to successfully occur the machine must be set at the correct speed, amplitude and vibration. If you use a machine with incorrect settings, or a machine that cannot be set to your specific settings, you will not see effective results. By concentrating on improving the function of your lymphatic system with the proper use of the Detox vibration machine along with eliminating ingesting toxic substances and following a healthy diet, the weight loss will naturally occur. The entire process will make you feel happier, healthier and ready to enjoy life at its fullest.

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