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This Custom Cut Comfort Mat foam Pad fits nicely onto the Pulser and Pulser 2 platform, giving you extra cushioning and padding when you do upper body workout or sitting exercises.

Price includes shipping cost.

Enhance Your Workout Comfort with the Custom Cut Comfort Mat Foam Pad

Designed exclusively for the Pulser and Pulser 2 platform, our Custom Cut Comfort Mat Foam Pad adds a layer of luxurious comfort, ensuring a superior experience during upper body workouts or seated exercises.

Tailored Cut:

This foam pad is custom-cut to fit seamlessly onto the Pulser platform, providing an extra layer of cushioning precisely where you need it. Enjoy the perfect blend of support and comfort for your upper body routines.

Premium Comfort for Upper Body Workouts:

Experience the difference with enhanced padding, specifically engineered to alleviate pressure points during upper body exercises. Whether it’s strength training or core workouts, the Comfort Mat Foam Pad transforms your Pulser platform into a haven of comfort.

Optimal Support for Seated Exercises:

For seated exercises, this pad offers optimal support, making your workout sessions more enjoyable and effective. Achieve your fitness goals with the added benefit of a comfortable and supportive surface.

Price Includes Shipping:

We believe in making your fitness journey hassle-free. The listed price not only covers the cost of the Custom Cut Comfort Mat Foam Pad but also includes shipping. No hidden fees – just exceptional comfort delivered right to your doorstep.

Transform Your Pulser Platform: Upgrade your Pulser experience by investing in the Foam Pad. Elevate your workout routine with this thoughtful addition, turning your Pulser platform into a premium space for fitness and well-being.

Order Now for an Elevated Workout Experience: Take the next step in optimizing your Pulser workouts. Order your Foam Pad today and enjoy the perfect blend of support, comfort, and convenience. Elevate your fitness, one comfortable workout at a time.




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