WAVE Ultra Portable – Whole Body Vibration Machine

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New 2 motor portable design — Oscillation, Horizontal, and WAVE vibration

Allows 360° range of motion around the vibration base platform

Space-saving slim form factor and portable design with integrate rollers for easy transport

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The WAVE takes design inspirations from surfing WAVE Ultra Portable, a high intensity sport that engages all muscle groups to achieve fluid body movements, stability control, and muscle toning. This dual motor, portable vibration machine has been designed in a slim form factor to mitigate space and storage issues. The WAVE has 2 built in motors capable of 3 different motions. Oscillation provides vibration to the entire body while the horizontal motion provides horizontal platform movements. When both motions are activate, a 3D dynamic WAVE motion is formed to provide maximum workout results.

Three-in-One Design WAVE Ultra Portable

The latest in whole body vibration technology, incorporates three automated modes in one portable vibration machine

Triangular Oscillation delivers regularly alternating up/down oscillation automatically engaging all major muscle groups. Regular routines speed fat burning, slimming , toning.
Lateral Mode creates horizontal, smooth, elliptical motion for recovery, rehabilitation, and light workouts.
3D WAVE Motion Mode combines both transversely generating tri-axial motion in three-dimensional spatial planes. Optimal for human fitness. Most effective for cellulite targeting.
  • New generation dual motor machine built using a slim form factor
  • Allows 360° range of motion around the vibration base platform
  • Easy to use control panel and remote control allows maximum flexibility for your vibration training
  • Solid steel construction makes this machine very sturdy and durable
  • Preset workout programs for quick and automated workouts
  • Heavy duty construction ensures rock solid and ultra quiet operations even when vibrating at maximum speed
  • Roller allows for easy movement and relocation
  • Large vibration plate to support a wide range of exercise postures and movements
  • Space-saving design fits well in all homes or offices
  • Wide range of vibration speeds, 20 adjustable speeds for over 400 total combinations


Maximum power: 1.5 HP
3 vibration modes: Triangular Oscillation, Lateral, 3D WAVE Motion
Power consumption: 2 motors, 500 watt oscillation, 300 watt lateral
Vibration Frequency: 0 – 42 Hz
Vibration Speed range: Oscillation @ 20 levels, Lateral @ 20 levels, 3D Wave @ 20 levels
Vibration Amplitude: Triangular Oscillation @ 10mm, Lateral @ 0 mm, 3D WAVE @ 1 to 10mm
User weight capability: 120 kg, 265 lbs
Assembly dimensions (L x W x H): 76.4 x 43.2 x 14 cm, 30 x 17 x 5.5″
Platform dimensions: 58.4 x 33 cm, 23″ x 13″
110 V power input for USA and Canada power outlet
Machine weight: 17 kg, 37.5 lbs
MSRP: $1,499


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