Elite 7-Triplanar Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine


<strong>Studio class whole body vibration machine providing triplanar motions in one smart, freestanding unit

Triplanar Vibration mode creates horizontal, smooth, elliptical motion for recovery, rehabilitation, and light workouts

User selectable high and low amplitude to light or intense workout

7″ LCD with VMAX Assistant guiding you through your exercises


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Description elite 7

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Expires on October 31, 2024
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The Ultimate Machine in Personal Vibration Training elite 7

Triplanar Vibration creates horizontal, smooth, elliptical motion for recovery, rehabilitation, and light workouts.
  • Studio class whole body vibration machine designed for high usage, heavy use environments
  • 7″ LCD with VMAX Assistant guides you on a variety of pre-programmed routines and user programmable routines
  • Fiber glass housing on the pole and the base cover.
  • Heavy duty base plate cast iron construction
  • Large vibration platform to support a wide range of exercise postures and movements
  • Control panel with quick access keys on lower pole for quick and easy access on variety of exercises
  • Elite 7: Unleashing the Pinnacle in Personal Vibration Training

    $150 Cart discount
    Expires on October 31, 2024
    Promo Code

    Experience the epitome of personal vibration training with the Elite 7, the ultimate machine designed to redefine your fitness journey.

    Revolutionary Triplanar Vibration:

    Triplanar Vibration takes center stage, creating a horizontal, smooth, elliptical motion that caters to recovery, rehabilitation, and light workouts. Elevate your exercise routine with this advanced technology.

    Studio Class Precision:

    Crafted for high usage in heavy-duty environments, the Elite 7 stands as a studio-class whole-body vibration machine, delivering unparalleled performance and results.

    Intelligent Guidance with VMAX Assistant: Equipped with a 7″ LCD featuring the VMAX Assistant, the Elite 7 becomes your personal fitness guide. Seamlessly navigate through pre-programmed routines or customize your workouts with user-programmable routines, ensuring a tailored fitness experience.

    Innovative Design and Construction:

    • Fiberglass Housing: The pole and base cover boast a fiberglass housing, adding a touch of innovation and durability to the Elite 7.
    • Heavy Duty Construction: A heavy-duty cast iron construction for the base plate ensures stability and resilience, making the Elite 7 a reliable companion in your fitness journey.

    Spacious Vibration Platform: The  7 provides a large vibration platform, offering ample space to support a wide range of exercise postures and movements. This expansive platform enhances the versatility of your workouts.

    Effortless Control and Accessibility: The control panel, strategically located on the lower pole, features quick access keys for easy and efficient navigation through a variety of exercises. The ensures a seamless and enjoyable workout experience.

    Designed for Commercial Facilities: More than just a machine,  is an investment in your fitness studio or commercial facility. Meticulously designed and built for heavy usage in high-traffic environments, it guarantees durability and performance.

    Elevate your fitness experience with the Elite – where innovation meets precision. Designed for commercial facilities, this vibration training marvel is your key to unlocking a new realm of personal wellness.  – Elevating Your Fitness Journey to Unprecedented Heights


Vibration mode: Triplanar Vibration
Power consumption: Commercial AC motor
Vibration Frequency: 20 Hz to 60 Hz, with 1 Hz increments
Vibration Amplitude: Low @ 1 – 2 mm, High @ 2 to 3 mm
8 Preset exercise routines
3 User programmable routines
User weight capability: 200 kg, 440 lbs
Assembly dimensions (L x W x H): 87 cm x 90 cm x 166 cm (34.25″ x 35.43″ x 65.35″)
Platform dimension: 75 x 56cm (30″ x 22″)
110 V power input for USA and Canada power outlet
MSRP: $3,699


  1. Micheal

    It offers a range of workout options and a sturdy build for intense exercises. Highly recommended for home gyms.

  2. Nichole

    Impressive Performance

  3. Jackson

    Outstanding Results

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