Vmax Q7 Portable-Portable Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine

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3-in-1 Dual Vibration Technology — Premium Oscillation and Spiral Vibration Modes

Portable vibration machine with collapsible handlebar system

Compact, space efficient design, great for city dwellers

Allows 360° range of motion around the vibration base platform

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The Vmax Q7 portable Whole Body Vibration machine is the newest addition to our product line. This foldable, compact machine packs 3 types of mechanical movements utilizing 2 independently controllable motors.In Spiral vibration mode, the Q7 provides a high frequency vibration, creating intense muscle contraction for accelerated muscle and skin toning. In Dual Mode, the machine works transversely, generating motion in 3D spatial planes and provides maximum results for your workout in the shortest time. Because of the triaxial movements in the 3D space, this mode is more effective in reducing cellulite then just using Triangular Oscillation Mode alone. You get all this in a compact, space efficient design. In Triangular Oscillation mode, the Q7 not only provides precise up/down oscillation vibrations that make all the major muscle groups work effortlessly, it also helps to eliminate unwanted body fat.

Three-in-One Design of  Vmax Q7 Portable

The latest in whole body vibration technology, incorporates three automated modes in one portable vibration machine

Triangular Oscillation delivers regularly alternating up/down oscillation automatically engaging all major muscle groups. Regular routines speed fat burning, slimming , toning.
Spiral Mode creates horizontal, smooth, elliptical motion for recovery, rehabilitation, and light workouts.
Dual Mode combines both transversely generating tri-axial motion in three-dimensional spatial planes. Optimal for human fitness. Most effective for cellulite targeting.
  • Dual Vibration technology — Premium Oscillation and Spiral Vibration
  • Rugged steel machine base and collapsible vertical support tube
  • 3 Preset workout programs allows for easy and touch-free vibration training
  • Heavy duty dual motors construction ensures rock solid and ultra quiet operations even when vibrating at maximum speed
  • Control panel with large LCD display for quick and easy access
  • Wide range of vibration speeds, 60 adjustable speeds for over 3700 total combinations


Vibration Type: Pivotal and Spiral
Frequency: Oscillation (5-15 Hz), Spiral (15-40 Hz)
Power consumption: 2 motors
Speed Range: 0-60 settings Programs: 3 Preset routines
Amplitude: 0-10 mm
User Weight Capacity: 264 lbs – 120 kg
Size: 22″ Wide by 20″ Deep by 45″ Height
Machine Weight: 62 lb
Platform dimension: 20″ by 16″
Maximum Power: 1.25 HP


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