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    4th Generation High Power Dual Drive with 1500 watts of power

  • First class luxury home machine

  • New ergonomic handlebar system

  • Responsive rotary dials

  • Full steel construction


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Bigger, Bolder, Stronger. The Pulser WBV vibrating machine has been designed to enhance user experience of using a whole body vibration machine while at the same time add even more power to our existing line of products. A brand new ergonomic handle bar system; responsive rotary dials for rapid speed adjustments; full steel construction; and our 4th Generation High Efficiency Drive system are some of the latest engineering that we incorporated in this machine. The Pulser is a first class luxury whole body vibration machine.

Triangular Oscillation delivers regularly alternating up/down oscillation automatically engaging all major muscle groups. Regular routines speed fat burning, slimming , toning.
Spiral Mode creates horizontal, smooth, elliptical motion for recovery, rehabilitation, and light workouts.
Dual Mode combines both transversely generating tri-axial motion in three-dimensional spatial planes. Optimal for human fitness. Most effective for cellulite targeting.
  • First class luxury home vibration machine
  • NEW 4th generation high powered dual drive system incorporates Premium Oscillation Vibration and Spiral Vibration at 1500 watts of power!
  • Rugged all steel construction
  • 3 pre-set exercise programs and 3 user definable exercise programs
  • Exclusive ergonomic handlebar system for greater support
  • 58% increase in usable platform space versus the Vmax Trio to allow maximum range of exercise postures and movements
  • Advanced microcomputer control panel with rotary speed dials for rapid speed control
  • 60 adjustable speeds for each motor, that’s over 3700 total speed combination
Weight 160 lbs


Maximum power: 2.2 HP
3 vibration modes: Triangular Oscillation, Spiral, Dual
Power consumption: 2 motors, 4th Generation High Efficiency Dual Drive system @
1000W and 500W
Vibration Frequency: Oscillation 5-22 Hz, Spiral 20-50 Hz, Dual 5-60Hz
Vibration Speed range: Oscillation @ 60 levels, Spiral @ 60 levels, Dual @ 60 levels
Vibration Amplitude: Triangular Oscillation @ 11mm, Spiral @ 1.5 to 2.5mm, Dual @ 1 to 11mm
Leveling System: Adjustable locking feet adjustment
G-Force: Up to 13.5G
Support System: Custom design horizontal balancing handle bar
3 Preset programs + 3 user programmable routines
Tilt back and move the machine around with the rolling wheels
Reinforced metal bars to increase duty cycle
User weight capability: 200 kg, 440 lbs
Assembly dimensions (W x D x H): 27″ x 30″ x 58″
110 V power input for USA and Canada power outlet
MSRP: $2,898

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